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 Workshop Session 1         10:30am to 11:20am

Pauline Dawson    (10:30-11:20 – Elizabeth Room)

Title: Portfolio Development

Support your applications to employment or advanced education by developing a career portfolio and help your audience develop a deeper understanding of how your skills and experience make you the best candidate. This workshop will help you understand how to develop your own personalized career portfolio.

Darrin Sunstrum   (10:30-11:20 – Brock Room)

Title: Procrastination – Myth Busting the Greatest Impediment to Writing

Do you want to write more, but feel like something is in your way? Inspiration can be a wonderful thing – but is it? From Ancient Greece and Rome to the Romantic Era writers and poets alike have been waiting and wondering when will the Muses come. Also, when was it that procrastination became pathologized to mean that if you are NOT writing, something is wrong with you? Let’s look at the myths of motivation and explore a few simple ideas to get you back on track (and maybe we can summon these Muses together)!

Jasper Fisher    (10:30-11:20 – Victoria Room)

Title: Trans 101

This workshop is intended to be an introduction to some basic concepts, etiquette, and rules-of-thumb surrounding the transgender community in Canada. As many places of employment offer equal opportunity hiring, it is more likely now that people will encounter a co-worker, customer, or superior that is of trans status. Many people think of trans people as concepts rather than actual people with lives and other intersections, so it is important to create an environment where people can learn about trans people in a safe space. Trans people are often unwelcome in academic settings, so providing knowledge to those in academia is key to creating equal opportunities.

Workshop Session 2        11:30am to 12:20pm

Darcy Patrick     (11:30-12:20 – Victoria Room)

Title: Creative Writing for the Mind, Body and Soul

Darcy will be doing a presentation on the first section of “Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & Soul” titled “Change your negative thinking,” In this presentation he will teach you how to do Journal Entries, Thought Records, Quick Thought Records. You will learn that writing can become a safe place, your best friend. You learn how to challenge your negative thoughts, come up with positive outcomes. But most importantly you will learn to unleash the power of your over active mind and put it to good use to better your life and create a strong and happier you! (All you will need for this presentation is something to write in and an open mind!)

Alison Innes   (11:30-12:20 – Elizabeth Room)

Title:  Introduction to Social Media Tools for Networking

A social media presence is key to successful networking. But how well do you know your way around your social media platforms? Are you puzzled by the idea of social listening or scheduling posts? Curious about getting started on Twitter or managing multiple platforms at once? Whatever your social media experience, this workshop gives hands on time with the software and platform tools you need to manage your social presence. This interactive workshop, will show you how to make the most of the technical tools social media platforms offer. Discover the power of social listening, scheduling, queues, and posting to multiple platforms simultaneously!     *Attendees are encouraged to bring your laptops and devices to get the most out of the hands-on nature of the workshop.

Mario Dedivitiis   (11:30-12:20 – Brock Room)

Title: Building Your Brand through Academics, Leadership and Service.

Mario shares his own personal brand story and challenges groups to develop their own through their experiences in Academics, Leadership and Service. Mario offers several practical tools and reflective questions to enable you not only build your brand but also how to best utilize it.

Workshop Session 3            2:10pm to 3:00pm

Robyn Bourgeois   (2:10-3:00pm – Elizabeth Room)

 Title: Leadership in the time of Decolonization

This session is designed for non-indigenous leaders who want to better understand decolonization and explore how to support this process in their leadership practice. This session will also introduce participants to indigenous understandings of leadership.

Grant Linney     (2:10-3:00pm – Brock Room)

Title:  Climate Change: The Vital Need to Make Your Voice Heard

Climate change has always happened but usually over tens of thousands of years and more. Now, thanks to our numbers, technology and wants, humans have caused climate to change within a matter of years. We are overheating the planet and, as a result, bringing about extreme weather that is more frequent, more intense and longer lasting. As a result, it’s now time to call this a “climate emergency.” And, it’s high time that we speak up, loudly and persistently, so that our leaders know that effectively addressing this is indeed an utmost priority.

 Lydia Collins     (2:10-3:00pm – Victoria Room)

 Title: “Exploring Radical Self-Care”

This workshop takes a look at the many ways in which self-care and self-preservation can be practiced not only through materialistic ways, but in the everydayness of our lives. From understanding the importance of setting boundaries, to simply knowing when to just say “no”, this look at radical self-care is useful and necessary for students to carry throughout their studies, as well as in their lives outside of the classroom.


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